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Do you know of a high-quality wire service distributing press releases accurately, efficiently and for affordable fees?

Kyodo News PR Wire distributes press releases on the Internet. With Kyodo News PR Wire, sending releases to media, either at home or abroad, is no longer a hassle. It also helps you cut costs and contribute to environmental protection. Well over 4,500 companies take advantage of our services.

Kyodo News PR Wire’s website open to the public

A press release distributed by Kyodo News PR Wire

We strongly support your release distribution with a reliable, extensive network.

You can choose recipients most suitable for your press release from a number of lists of subscribers we have.

Listed recipients include 2,250 media organizations in Japan and 35,000 others abroad. Japanese media are classified into over 159 categories, and foreign media into over 450 circuits according to geography and professional category. Recipients can be chosen to best match your news release content or objective.

You can distribute releases to domestic media any time you want.

The template we provide makes it very easy for you to distribute press release. Only if your PC is connected to the Internet, you can use our services 24 hours a day, all year round, so you will not miss an opportunity to make an urgent nationwide announcement.

We are ready for social media and multimedia distribution.

All domestically distributed press releases carry social media bookmark buttons with them. Recipients can share releases they like with their friends through SNS and other services. Your press release will be posted not only on the Kyodo News PR Wire website but also on its Facebook and Twitter pages in the form of linked URLs. Moreover, your press release will be multimedia-ready. Movies and images can be posted on a page showing your release.

We make sure that distribution lists are always the newest.

As mass media change organizations and transfer people to different jobs, we swiftly update our lists. Your press release will be delivered to the right department or person you want to reach. You can rest assured because we have all media’s permission to send them your press release.

We can help you cut down on press release costs.

We have developed a press release distribution service with a superb cost performance by setting fees according to the frequency of release distribution and by offering what we call a “circuit” system which allows you to efficiently choose from a number of lists of subscribers.

Our wire service has helped reduce the environmental load by a large margin.

As our service results in the saving of paper and other business resources, cuts in CO2 emissions and other environmental effects are achieved. If we count, in terms of the volume of paper, the press releases distributed on the Internet from the start of Kyodo News PR Wire in September 2001 to November 2008, they would amount to about 5.16 million sheets of A4-size paper. The amount of CO2 thus eliminated is equivalent to that of CO2 emitted by a family sedan over a period of 6 years and 9 months.

Your publicity capabilities will be greatly enhanced.

  • You can access nationwide media including local newspapers/TV stations.
  • You can distribute your announcement about a new business startup to editors and reporters in different fields.
  • You can post your press release on portal sites and Facebook pages.
  • You can distribute your press release to foreign journalists based in Tokyo.
  • You can efficiently maintain your list of press release recipients.
  • In an emergency, you can make an announcement accurately and without delay.

You can easily choose recipients appropriate for your press release.

We offer one of the largest distribution lists in Japan, covering 2,250 media outlets in Japan and 35,000 abroad, classified by industry and theme categories. The lists are grouped into 159 categories in Japan and over 450 circuits abroad. You can use your own list of recipients, if any, for press release distribution.

You can distribute your press release to popular portal sites.

Your press release will be posted, almost in real time, on major portal sites, including excite, Goo, Google and Infoseek, and PR Wire’s Facebook and Twitter links in addition to the circuits of your choice.

We are in partnership with global press release distribution networks.

Kyodo News PR Wire has signed up exclusive alliances with PR Newswire and three other leading release distribution agencies of the world, building a global distribution network comprising about 35,000 media outlets and about 150,000 locations. Should you aim at reaching non-English foreign countries, local release distributors will translate your press release, prepared in English with our help if necessary, into respective languages before distribution.

2 kinds of Service and fee to choose from, depending on your frequency and other needs.

  • Fees listed do not include tax (effective as of May 1, 2014).
  • Overseas distribution is done on a different fee- charging system.
  • When your own list is used for distribution, you will be charged differently.
  • We have a favorable charging system for members of some chambers of commerce and industry which have partnership agreements with us. Please contact us for details.

Newspaper clipping service
You can easily check the status of newspaper postings of your press release for an affordable fee of \35,000 (without tax) per release.

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