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ノルウェーがコネクテッドカーを使い、より安全な冬の道路に投資-NIRA Dynamics AB

ノルウェーがコネクテッドカーを使い、より安全な冬の道路に投資-NIRA Dynamics AB

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ノルウェーの道路機関Norska Statens Vegvesen(ノルウェー交通局)は、冬の道路状況予測でKlimatorとNIRA DynamicsのRoad Status Information(RSI)の新技術に投資する。RSIはコネクテッド車両のデータを道路沿いの天候観測所からの情報ならびに天気予報と統合する先端アルゴリズムを使用するソフトウエアである。これによりコネクテッド車両は、現地の道路のグリップ状況を決定するのに重要な、現在の道路摩擦のレベルを含む様々なシグナルを送信する天候観測所を利用する。

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Norska Statens Vegvesenのトルガイル・バー氏は「この技術的に大きな前進は、新しい機会の利用ならびに道路使用者の期待に応える上で、ビジネスで待望されていたものだ。われわれはこの新技術をテストし、その結果、RSIは最も優れたソリューションと確信している」と説明した。


NIRA Dynamicsの新技術担当マネジャー、グスタフ・クリスチャンソン氏は「われわれは、世界中で4000万台の車両に搭載した当社のタイヤ圧監視システムでの成功に刺激された。これから数年後、コネクテッド車両に標準搭載された小型のソフトウエア・モジュールがOBDドングルにとって代わることになるだろう」と説明した。




RSI(Road Status Information)は道路のグリップを測定・予想するコネクテッド・ソフトウエアである。既にスウェーデンでは幾つかの冬季サービスで使用されており、警察、消防隊、物流企業、特定輸送の計画においても使用可能である。RSIはイエーテボリ大学の技術新興企業Klimatorと自動車産業向けソフトウエア・サプライヤーのNIRA Dynamicsが開発した。

Johan Hägg

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NIRA Dynamics AB: Norway Invests in Safer Winter Roads Using Connected Cars


LINKÖPING, Sweden, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/–

         Norway Invests in Safer Winter Roads Using Connected Cars

    The Norwegian road authority Norska Statens Vegvesen invests in new
technology for winter road prognosis from Klimator and NIRA Dynamics, Road
Status Information. RSI is a software which through advanced algorithms
combines the data from connected vehicles with information from roadside
weather stations and weather forecasts. That makes connected vehicles rolling
weather stations which transmit various signals including current road friction
which is the key to determine local road grip.

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    RSI manages to determine the road grip conditions in real time with high
precision and creates accurate 12h forecasts. This enables an increased safety
on wintery roads, a significant environmental benefit and cost savings through
the more efficient use of winter service resources (road salt consumption,
driven miles in salt trucks, etc.).

    "This technology quantum leap is overdue in the business to make use of new
opportunities and meet the road users’ expectations. We have tested the new
technology and are confident that RSI is the best performing solution,"
explains Torgeir Vaa from Norska Statens Vegvesen.

    The vehicles are connected via NIRA-developed OBD-dongles and register
current position, ambient temperature, wiper activity and road friction. It
takes only a few minutes to equip a vehicle and shortly after, the data is
continuously available on the RSI-server.

    "We are inspired by our successful tire pressure monitoring system which is
installed in over 40 million vehicles around the world. A few years from now,
OBD-dongles will be replaced by small software modules standard-fitted into
connected vehicles," adds Gustav Kristiansson, Manager New Technologies at NIRA

    The project started in January 2018 in Tromsö and there is much interest in
the new technology. More than 300 private car owners have registered their
vehicles to participate.

    "We have not been expecting such a resonance," admits Torgeir Vaa. "The
plan was to have only about 50 OBD units for private volunteers, but we are
very happy about this level of acceptance. The remaining OBD-dongles will be
fitted into taxis, rental cars and delivery vehicles with varying use patterns
– we expect very interesting winter months."

    Due to much international interest, RSI will also be presented at the PIARC
fair in February, one of the biggest meetings points for winter service
specialists worldwide.

    About RSI.

    RSI – Road Status Information is a connected software to measure and
predict road grip. It is in use at several Swedish winter services already, but
could also be used by the police, fire brigade or logistic companies and for
the planning of special transports. RSI is developed by Klimator, a technology
startup from the University of Gothenburg, and NIRA Dynamics, a software
supplier to the automotive industry.

    Contact: Johan Hägg

Source: NIRA Dynamics AB