Chiyoda International School Tokyo (CHIST) OPEN SCHOOL


Chiyoda International School Tokyo

Chiyoda International School Tokyo (CHIST)*
~Experience class by CHIST teaching staff in a group at most 15 students~
Nov. 23 / Dec. 9
*currently pending the establishment-approval

【 Details 】
Date: November 23 Thursday, December 9 Saturday, 2017
10:00~11:00 School Info Session (English), 11:00~12:00 Open School Session
13:00~14:00 School Info Session (English/Japanese), 14:00~15:00 Open School Session

Venue: Musashino Universirty Ariake Campus
    ※A new school building in Chiyoda is currently under construction,
          and a school tour is scheduled to be held from January 2018.

Contents: ◆“CHIST School Info Session”
               (AM) All English
               (PM) Presentation by Head of School: Japanese,
                       Presentation by Elementary School Principal: English
               ・Education at CHIST (Head of School Mr. Hirokazu Osako)
               ・International Education
                   (Elementary School Principal Dr. Margaret M. Fitzpatrick)
               ・Greetings from CHIST Faculty members
       ◆Open School Session
                   Unique CHIST faculty members will conduct a class based on their age.
                   In some classes students will discuss and present in English,
                   and in other classes they will learn rhythm and art in English.
                  <Application Eligibility>
                   Birthday of the participants has to be between April 2, 2007 and April 1, 2013

How to sign up: If you would like to participate, please sign up at our website page.
                           In case that applications exceed the capacity, lottery will be conducted.

School name: Chiyoda International School Tokyo
Educational Philosophy: To apply Buddhist ideals to the cultivation of well-educated,
    internationally-minded and engaged individuals equipped with the intellect,
    character and ethics to create peace and happiness for the world.
Location: 11, Yonban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Opening date: Elementary School will start from April 2018.(G1~5)
        Middle School and High School will start from April 2019.
                       (For 2019, only G6 and G10 are scheduled to open.)
Capacity for 2018: G1:40(20×2 classes)、G2-5: 20 (each grade), coeducational

Chiyoda International School Tokyo Preparatory Office