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【ロンドン2017年1月16日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】クルーエルティフリーインターナショナル(Cruelty Free International)は、日本の松野博一文部科学相に対し、獣医科学生の訓練のための犬の殺傷利用を禁止する政策を実施するよう呼び掛けている。この呼び掛けは、日本の総合大学や獣医科大学で学生の教育訓練のため犬が残酷で無益な利用のされ方をしている事実を明らかにしたクルーエルティフリーインターナショナルの調査結果を受けて行われた。






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Cruelty Free International Calls on Japan to Stop Killing Dogs to Train Students


LONDON, Jan. 16, 2017/PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ —

     Cruelty Free International is calling on the Japanese Minister of
Education, Mr Hirokazu Matsuno, to implement a policy to end the fatal and
harmful use of dogs in veterinary training. The call follows an investigation
carried out by Cruelty Free International that has revealed the cruel and
wasteful use of dogs for student training by universities and veterinary
medical schools in Japan.


    Every year, hundreds of dogs bought from commercial dog suppliers are used
in teaching physiology, anatomy and the development and practice of clinical
and surgical skills. The universities using dogs as part of their curriculum
include Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, Kitasato University,
Nihon University, The University of Tokyo, Gifu University and Azabu University.

    Treated as disposable learning tools for students to practise on, many of
the dogs (under anaesthetic) are subjected to, amongst other procedures,
multiple unnecessary surgeries over a period of many hours – repeatedly cut
open and stitched up by students. When no longer needed, they are usually
killed. At Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University dogs were kept in
appalling conditions. Confined individually in small, metal, two tier cages,
some dogs displayed stereotypic behaviour, repeatedly circling inside their
small cages.

    Cruelty Free International argues that using live dogs in this way is both
unethical and archaic. It is a practice that has been abandoned by many leading
universities and veterinary medical schools throughout the world, including in
the USA and UK. There are numerous alternatives to using and killing dogs in
teaching. These programmes successfully employ a combination of highly
effective inanimate alternatives, including simulations and models, along with
animal patients in a clinical setting who can benefit directly from surgical or
other treatment.

    Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, says: "The fatal and
harmful use of dogs in veterinary training is a cruel, unethical and outdated
practice. Many leading veterinary medical schools   no longer deliberately
cause suffering or kill dogs to train veterinarians. There are credible and
effective alternatives that can be used. We urge Japan to follow this example
and end the cruel practice of using and killing live dogs for clinical and
surgery practice."

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