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【上海(中国)2016年2月25日新華社=共同通信JBN】銀聯国際(UnionPay International)とタイの4大商業銀行は2月24日、UnionPay(銀聯)の技術標準に基づくタイ国内の決済スイッチング(中継)網であるタイ決済ネットワーク(Thai Payment Network、TPN)の正式な運用開始を発表した。UnionPay(銀聯)のICカード標準は既にタイ銀行業界の標準になっているが、この合弁事業への参画を通じて銀聯は銀行カード・スイッチング・システムの構築でも技術標準を提供している。運用開始式には中国銀聯(China UnionPay)の葛華勇会長、銀聯国際のツァイ・ジェンボー最高経営責任者(CEO)、TPNのショケ・ナ・ラノン会長が出席し、タイ銀行(中央銀行)のブンチャ・マヌーンクンチャイ決済制度政策・監督局長も祝辞のため列席した。






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UnionPay International Works with the Top Four Banks in Thailand to Build the Local Bankcard Switching System


SHANGHAI, China, Feb. 25, 2016 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/–

On February 24, UnionPay International, together with Thailand’s top four
commercial banks, announced that TPN (Thai Payment Network), Thailand’s local
switching network based on UnionPay technical standards, officially went live.
Previously UnionPay IC card standard became Thailand’s banking industry
standard. Through the incorporation of a joint venture, UnionPay now offers the
technical standard for building the bankcard switching system. China UnionPay
Chairman Ge Huayong, UnionPay International CEO Cai Jianbo and TPN Chairman
Shoke Na Ranong attended the launching ceremony. Buncha Manoonkunchai, Payment
Systems Policy and Oversight Office Director of Bank of Thailand, was present
with congratulations.

In 2012, the central bank of Thailand stipulated that all local interbank
transactions made with local debit cards must be processed locally. Thereafter,
the joint venture called TPN was founded in September 2014. Thailand has also
planned to create an independent debit card brand TPN and issue UnionPay TPN
cards, which will be conveniently used at the global UnionPay network.

TPN is one of UnionPay’s successful attempts in exploring new ways of expansion
in overseas markets by exporting its technical standard, taking advantage of
its technology capability; UnionPay participates in payment infrastructure
construction in these markets, integrating its technologies, products, services
and brand influence.

The launch of TPN is of great significance: (i) it is a new breakthrough China
made in exporting its self-developed financial technical standards and UnionPay
became a model for Chinese enterprises "Going Global"; (ii) the cooperation
between UnionPay and Thailand banking industry has upgraded from traditional
bankcard cooperation to in-depth technical standard cooperation, laying a solid
foundation for large-scale acceptance and issuance of UnionPay cards locally;
(iii) TPN will help UnionPay make innovations on replicable business expansion
models and accelerate its global business layout.

Chairman Ge Huayong said, "The construction of a local switching network is
another milestone of China-Thailand financial cooperation. We will introduce
our experience to Thailand to support the growth of local e-payment market, and
will also promote bankcard payment in more fields. Supporting ‘the Belt and
Road’ strategy, we will participate in the payment infrastructure construction
and industry upgrading in overseas markets in a more flexible manner."

Currently, UnionPay cards are accepted at almost all ATMs and about 70%
merchants in Thailand. Over 1 million UnionPay cards have been issued in
Thailand and this figure keeps growing.

For more information: http://www.unionpayintl.com/

Source: UnionPay International