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【ドバイ(アラブ首長国連邦)2016年2月11日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】主要な姉妹都市・組織代表が世界政府サミット(World Government Summit)に集結し、ドバイの持続可能な未来構築ビジョン達成に向けた協力を追求する「Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance(持続可能開発都市連盟に関するドバイ憲章)」に調印した。

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調印は「Shaping Future Cities(未来の都市形成)」と題する円卓会議の一幕で、会議ではドバイの人口増予測(2030年までに500万人)、天然資源の枯渇、あらゆる部門にわたる需要増が意味するものについて討議された。



*アラブ首長国連邦とマルタが政府の革新と効率増大に協力する新覚書に調印。UAE内閣担当相、マルタ首相がそれぞれの国を代表して調印した覚書は、このような努力における民間と一般大衆の関与、およびMalta Information Technology Agency(MITA)の対UAE技術支援拡大を追求するとしている。 

*Economist Intelligence Unitのビジネスアドバイザリー部門、Economist Corporate Networkの最新報告は、失業率引き下げ、労働人口のスキル向上、経済成長のためにデジタル化を活用し、労働市場を再考するよう各国政府に訴えている。




▽世界政府サミット(World Government Summit)について
UAE政府は2013年以来、政府の将来に関する年次イベントを開いている。第4回サミットは2月8日から10日まで、ドバイのMadinat Jumeirahで開催された。詳しい情報は公式ウェブサイト、https://worldgovernmentsummit.org を参照。Twitterは@WorldGovSummit (https://twitter.com/WorldGovSummit )#WorldGovSummit。

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Final Day Recap: Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance Signed at World Government Summit 2016


DUBAI, UAE, Feb. 11, 2016/PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/–

     Key representatives of several sister cities and organizations gathered to
sign the ‘Dubai Charter of Sustainable Development Cities Alliance’ seeking to
collaboratively achieve the vision of building a sustainable future for Dubai.

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    The signatories were part of a roundtable session titled "Shaping Future
Cities", where implications of an expected rise in the population of Dubai –
five million by 2030 – including the depletion of natural resources and
increase demand on across all sectors were discussed.

    Signatories included Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, Beirut, Lebanon, Ankara,
Turkey, Amman, Jordan, Metropole de Lyon, France, Al Maddinah Province, KSA,
Baghdad, Iraq, Manama, Bahrain, Al Rabat, Morocco, Kuwait City, ICMA, India and
the Arab Towns Organization.

    Additional highlights from the summit include:

    – A new MoU has been signed between the United Arab Emirates and Malta in a
shared commitment to increasing innovation and efficiency in government. Signed
on behalf of the respective nation by the UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs and
the Prime Minister of Malta, the agreement also seeks to engage the private
sector and the general public in these efforts, and will serve to extend
technical support from The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to the

– A new report released by The Economist Corporate Network, the business
advisory arm of The Economist Intelligence Unit, urges governments to harness
digitization and re-imagine labor markets to drive down unemployment, upskill
the workforce, and grow their economies.

– The future of cryptocurrencies means your car will one day be able to bribe
other cars to cut through traffic, says Nicolas Carey, co-founder and President
of Blockchain, one of the world’s leading digital wallet and software providers.

– Member nations can help turn the universal Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 into reality by incorporating them into
comprehensive, integrated national agendas, said His Excellency Jan Eliasson,
Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.

– Not five or ten – expect improvements in Egypt’s education, health, transport
and housing sectors within three years, said His Excellency Sherif Ismail,
Prime Minister of Egypt.

    About the World Government Summit Since 2013, UAE government has hosted an
annual event on the future of government. The fourth edition of the summit ran
from February 8 – 10 at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. For additional details,
go to: https://worldgovernmentsummit.org. Follow us on Twitter at
@WorldGovSummit [https://twitter.com/WorldGovSummit ]; #WorldGovSummit.

    Contact: Suzanne Samaan – +971559548682

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