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TaisysのShanghai F-road、WSJ紙ファイナンシャル・インクルージョン最優秀賞

TaisysのShanghai F-road、WSJ紙ファイナンシャル・インクルージョン最優秀賞

AsiaNet 63301 (0141)

【台北2016年2月4日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】金融ニュース報道で国際的に有名なウォールストリート・ジャーナル(WSJ)紙は先に、貧困層のファイナンシャル・インクルージョン(金融包摂)問題の解決策を探る「ファイナンシャル・インクルージョン・チャレンジ(チャレンジ)」への参加を世界中の企業に呼び掛けた。同紙がアジア太平洋でのファイナンシャル・インクルージョンに有意義な影響があると認めたのが、Taisys Technology(Taisys)子会社のShanghai F-road Commercial Services(F-road)だ。F-roadはTaisysのSIMオーバレイカード技術を活用し、中国の最も奥まった農村にまでモバイルバンキングを普及させ、WSJのチャレンジの技術部門で最優秀賞に選ばれた。





国際金融公社(International Finance Corporation)のカントリーマネジャー、サイモン・アンドルー氏は「この技術は中国だけにとどまらず、大きな農村人口を抱える他の国でもかなり有望だとわれわれは思っている」と述べた。F-roadとTaisysは全世界でファイナンシャル・アクセスを達成するという雄大な計画を立ち上げた。このたびのファイナンシャル・インクルージョン・チャレンジ最優秀賞の獲得は、こうした取り組みが実を結び、必要な人々を助け始めていることを明らかにした。



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Taisys Affiliate Shanghai F-road Wins 1st Prize In The Wall Sreet Journal’s Financial Inclusion Challenge


TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ —

World-renowned financial news publication, The Wall Street Journal, invited
enterprises from around the world to join its Financial Inclusion Challenge
(the Challenge) to showcase their solutions to the problems of financial access
for the poor. Taisys Technology (Taisys) affiliate, Shanghai F-road Commercial
Services (F-road), was judged by The Wall Street Journal to have a meaningful
impact on financial inclusion in Asia-Pacific. F-Road uses SIM-overlay
card-based technology delivered by Taisys’ technology to expand mobile banking
coverage to even the most rural parts of China. It was named the winner in the
technology category of the Challenge.

Challenge Judge Michael Schlein commented, "F-road’s focus on rural areas
addresses an often overlooked issue in financial inclusion – bringing financial
services to lower-population areas farther away from urban centers."

Szechwan farmer Wu Yulong, user of F-road’s service issued by local bank said,
"I can transfer, pay bills and most importantly I can now easily extend my loan
to buy the fertilizers. I also now conduct transactions for all the other

In a vast country like China there is often a far distance to travel to the
nearest bank. Therefore, the crucial matter to financial inclusion lies with
the banks to shorten the distance between customers and bank services. F-road
‘s easily understood and highly accessible solution, based on Taisys’ patented
SIMoME technology, is now applied by over 15-million users from 1,300 banks in
27 of China’s 31 provinces, handling more than RMB 5 billion daily transactions.

Taisys’ patented SIMoME technology uses the SMS channel in a users’ phone,
which overcomes the issue of weak signals in most rural areas. The technology
is a highly secured device that also stores cryptographic keys, algorithms and
process data, so financial institutions can issue safe mobile banking solutions
to customers.

Country manager of International Finance Corporation Simon Andrew said, "We
think this has much more potential than just China, but also a lot potential in
other countries where there are a large rural populations." F-road and Taisys
have set an ambitious vision for achieving universal financial access. The
Financial Inclusion Challenge win proves that their effort has already begun to
bear fruits and help people in need.


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Lotus Lin

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