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Shizuoka city

SHIZUOKA GUIDE Available with Coupons Allowing Visitors to Enjoy Traveling in Shizuoka

SHIZUOKA, Japan, Oct. 30, 2015 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Shizuoka City

SHIZUOKA GUIDE Available with Coupons Allowing Visitors to Enjoy Traveling in Shizuoka

– Full of Handy Information on Dining, Shopping, Must-try Food and Can’t-miss Souvenirs! –

Shizuoka City published "SHIZUOKA GUIDE," a guidebook with coupons to help inbound tourists enjoy local cuisine and shopping casually and at reasonable prices, on Oct. 30.

Shizuoka, situated near Mount Fuji that has been designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is rich in nature and blessed with an abundance of seafood and agricultural products. Shizuoka is conveniently located; the travel time from Tokyo is one hour and that from Osaka is two hours.


Chinese (traditional characters):

Chinese (simplified characters):


– Coupons that visitors can use as many times as they want just by showing them to shop or restaurant staff:
— Coupons displayed on mobile terminal devices and those printed out can also be used.
— Limitations may be placed on the use of coupons.

– Information shared by locals through word-of-mouth communications:
— The rankings of popular restaurants in various categories, such as ramen noodle, sushi and tonkatsu (Japanese-style pork cutlet).
— Other local word-of-mouth information.
— Information on reasonable local products, including green tea and miscellaneous goods featuring Mount Fuji.

– Compatible to Google Map’s route information.
– The guidebook carries useful travel information such as duty-free procedures and hospital locations.

Format: 52 pages; 99×200 mm
Languages: English, Chinese (traditional & simplified characters), Korean.
Number of shops & restaurants introduced by the guidebook: 71
— Rankings of popular restaurants, shops in various categories: 24 (Coupons available for 18 of them)
— Shizuoka Omachi gourmet: 25 restaurants (Coupons available for 20 of them)
— Shizuoka Omachi shopping: 22 shops (Coupons available for 11 of them)
Copies of the guidebook will be available mainly at overseas travel fairs.