r2-project Announces Narrative Sleep Aid + Alarm App for iPhone

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r2-project Announces Narrative Sleep Aid + Alarm App for iPhone

r2-project has released its new app for the iPhone with sleep support and an alarm function. "Wickle in the Sleeping Tree" is a story about a sleep fairy, the Wickle, who helps people get to sleep. The app is designed as a sleep aid that uses original animation and sounds to induce sleep, and a gentle alarm to wake you at the designated time. Using the accelerometers of your iPhone, the app records your sleeping state during the night and displays a graph of your data the following morning. You can share these graphs on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. In the app’s main screen, depicting the Wickle’s two-story house, you can observe what the Wickle does in its own home. Since new items appear in the rooms each time you use the app, you have something to look forward to every night when going to bed.

Official Trailer

Sleep animation
The app includes several sleep animation videos designed to help you get restful sleep. Allow the animation of the strange and mysterious worlds to guide you to the realm of blissful sleep.

Animation collection: Teardrop woods, Sea of clouds, Tree avenue in the night, Candlelit corridor, Moonlight on the lake… with many more to be added soon!

Binaural beats and natural sounds
Soothing music and binaural beats* induce your brain to output theta waves optimal for falling asleep.
* Binaural beats are played at different frequencies in the left and right ears. This has the effect of modifying your brainwaves in accordance with the difference between these two frequencies.

Wake-up image
The app displays a wake-up image on your screen while playing a carefully selected soft and pleasing alarm sound.

The Wickle’s home
Watch the Wickle go about its everyday activities and, after a good night’s sleep, you might even awake to find a new piece of furniture in its home.

The Wickle is a sleep fairy born from the frayed edges of a baby’s cradle. Come nightfall, the Wickle jumps onto the sleep spirit Sylooph from the floating Hoshimodoki to visit all bedrooms around the world. When encountering any person having trouble sleeping, the Wickle tries its utmost to draw them into the realm of sleep using mysterious magic. Wickles are full of curiosity and will come to visit you as they travel to many fantastic places.

Wickle in the Sleeping Tree
– Download on the Appstore:

– Price : 0.99$
– Category: Health & Fitness
– Languages: English, Japanese
– Capability: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone5 or later, iPad 3G or later, and iPod touch 4G.

Website: http://r2-project.land/app/wickle/

About r2-project
The r2-project is a multimedia project developed by re-raum inc and managed by PlanES and Altavista Rise Co., Ltd.