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Morita Develops 360-Degree View Safety Camera Systems for Fire Truck Jointly with Clarion

TOKYO, June 11 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Morita Holdings Corporation

Morita Develops 360-Degree View Safety Camera Systems for Fire Truck Jointly with Clarion

– Based on Clarion’s "SurroundEye" Driver Safety Assistance System for Business Vehicles –

Morita Holdings Corporation announced on June 11 that its consolidated subsidiary Morita Corporation (hereafter, Morita) has upgraded its existing "Advanced Monitor" by developing a 360-degree-view safety camera system "Morita Advanced Monitor AM Series" jointly with Clarion Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Clarion) to enhance the safety of firefighting and rescue operations. The new system is based on Clarion’s driver safety assistance system "SurroundEye."

"Advanced Monitor," which previously indicated open and close status of various doors and shutters, now enables the driver to have a 360-degree bird’s-eye view even while driving, thus making the drive even safer. Video feeds from the four cameras mounted on the vehicle are synthesized on to the driver’s monitor utilizing independently developed image-processing technology. This expands the driver’s vision in all directions and helps lessen the safety-related stress.

With an aim to enhance the drive-time safety of emergency vehicles like fire trucks, the two companies jointly developed this system after looking into the feasibility of developing such a system based on Clarion’s driver safety assistance system. The system not only provides the driver’s seat with a view of the blind spot at the rear left of the vehicle when driving or parking, but also allows the driver to ensure safety by providing a 360-degree vision all around the vehicle. This 360-degree view safety camera systems for fire truck can also be installed on fire trucks that are already in use.

Morita will be exhibiting a fire truck equipped with the "Morita Advanced Monitor AM Series" at a leading international event for firefighting and disaster relief, "INTERSCHUTZ 2015," to be held in Hannover, Germany, on June 8 to 13.

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