Simply, tap and bend the strings, and you can reproduce that passionate & soulful guitar play


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Absolute, All-in-one Guitar App “Final Guitar” Available on Apple App Store

OGAKI, Japan, Apr. 24 /Kyodo JBN/ —

One Groove Co., Ltd.

Absolute, All-in-one Guitar App "Final Guitar" Available on Apple App Store

One Groove Co., Ltd. announced that "Final Guitar" is the absolute, all-in-one guitar app developed by active musicians for musicians in all levels – from beginners to experienced guitarists. Simply, tap and bend the strings, and you can reproduce that passionate and soulful guitar play that you have been dreaming!

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This fun and powerful app has everything you need for mastering techniques — playing tracks, of course, but also great for practicing scaling, playing by ear — and even improv!
It is so easy to use. Simply tap, bend and slide the strings. With the slider bar, repositioning is so intuitive that you can instantly move to any location.

It includes all kinds of options and features that you need for learning not only how to play soulful guitar solo but how to improv like a pro!

Finally — your absolute guitar app is in your hands!


— Supports mark displays for all the main 18 scales, e.g. pentatonic, diatonic; — great for learning theories. Toggles between numbers and letters. Of course, you can hide the marks to feel like you are playing a real guitar.

— Includes a wide range of the most common BGM tracks best for practicing improvisation skills, e.g. blues, 2-5, one-chord. All key support and speed adjustment.

— Supports iPod (music) data import. You can use the music in your iPod for loop play!!

*It does not support the DRM-protected files (e.g. songs purchased via iTunes). Some other files may not be supported depending on the encoding format.

— A-B Loop & Speed Settings. It allows loop play of "the segment you like" in "the track you like" with "the speed you like." No access to an actual guitar? No problem. You can practice playing by ear just with this app!
— Wide variety & high-quality guitar sound. Also includes Guitar Synthesizer.

For the phrases using the scales and sample plays, check the Final Guitar website!

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