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AsiaNet 57475
共同JBN 0842 (2014.7.29)

【台北2014年7月29日PRN=共同JBN】呼吸療法、被圧部ケア分野の有力プレーヤーである台湾のApex Medical Corporation(Apex, TWSE:4106)は29日、ドイツのミュンヘン地方裁判所の判決を不服として上訴すると発表した。ミュンヘン地裁はこのほど、Apexが医療用の一部マスクのヘッドギア・モデルがオーストラリアのResMed社の特許を侵害しているとの判決を下していた。Apexは主要諸国で各種のResMed特許に対する無効の訴えを開始していると表明している。Apexはさらに、ありふれて進歩性のない特許に対する対抗措置を取る努力を継続すると繰り返し表明した。

Apexは米国でResMedが起こした特許訴訟を有利に終息させた数カ月後の2013年11月に、ミュンヘン地裁に訴えを起こした。係争中の特許は、ヘッドギアに使用されるベルクロなど締め付け部分に関連する。ミュンヘン地裁は、ApexのWizard 210およびWizard 220ヘッドギアが、ResMedの欧州特許の1つで保護されていることを支持した。しかし、Apexは2013年12月初め、欧州特許庁に対して該当するResMed特許の有効性に異議を申し立てている。Apexはこのような経緯から、同地裁の判決に上訴することになる。





Apex Medicalは自社ブランドの呼吸療法製品の大手メーカーであり、海外子会社と欧州、米国、アジア、その他海外市場におけるパートナーによる海外子会社とパートナーによるネットワークを確立して販売している。Apexは製品開発、エンジニアリング、マーケティング製品に特化して、業界スペシャリストによる専門の革新的チームを擁している。Apexは高品質のヘルスケア製品を提供するグローバルリーダーになることを目指し、テスト、検査済みで臨床的に評価された機器を提供するとともに、同社技術と知的財産権が呼吸療法市場の需要を満たすことを保証する。

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Jack Hsu
Vice President
Apex Medical
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Apex Continues Fighting Against Patents to Free Up Competition


TAIPEI, July 29, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ —

Apex Medical Corporation (Apex, TWSE: 4106), a leading player in the
Respiratory Therapy and Pressure Area Care sectors, announces that it is
appealing the judgment of the Regional Court of Munich in Germany that found
the headgear of certain mask models infringe a ResMed patent. Apex notes that
it has initiated invalidity challenges against various ResMed patents in major
countries. Apex further reiterates its continuous efforts in counterattacking
against trivial and junk patents.

ResMed filed the lawsuit with the Regional Court of Munich in November 2013, a
few months after Apex successfully terminated patent litigation brought by
ResMed in the US. The patent at issue is relating to fastening portion such as
Velcro used in the headgear. The Regional Court of Munich held that Apex’s
Wizard 210 and Wizard 220 headgears were covered by one European patent of
ResMed. However, as early as December 2013, Apex has challenged the validity of
the same ResMed patent before the European Patent Office. Apex thus will appeal
the judgment entered by the Regional Court.

Apex notes that the judgment is limited to headgears of specific masks
distributed in Germany and does not cover masks or any other respiratory
therapy products. Also, Apex’s new headgear design is ready to be offered to
the customers. The Regional Court’s judgment therefore has limited effect on
Apex’s global operation.

In addition, earlier this year Apex has initiated patent invalidity challenges
against ResMed’s other German and European patents that ResMed asserted in
separate proceedings. Meanwhile, based on the evidence submitted by Apex, the
patent agencies in the United States, Japan, and China are conducting
independent review on the validity of several ResMed patents.

The Company reiterates its belief that invalid or junk patents not only harm
fair competition but also obstruct patients’ access to quality products. Apex
thus will continue fighting against invalid or junk patents to ensure freedom
to market and fair competition.

Apex stresses its goal of serving patients suffering from sleeping disorders
with quality, effective as well as cost-saving CPAP products, and affirms its
devotion to innovation and its commitment to the customers.

About Apex

Apex Medical is a leading manufacturer of its own brand of Respiratory Therapy
products and distributes through an established network of international
subsidiaries and partners in Europe, the United States, Asia and other
international markets. Apex specializes in product development, engineering and
marketing products with a dedicated and innovative team of industry
professionals. Apex aims to be a global leader in the provision of high quality
healthcare products, delivering tested, trialed and clinically evaluated
devices while ensuring that its own technology and intellectual property meet
the demands of the Respiratory Therapy market.

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Jack Hsu
Vice President
Apex Medical
Tel: +886-2-22685568