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◎Tata Housingが高級ビラ「アラベラ」の開発に着手 インド北部ハリヤナ州

◎Tata Housingが高級ビラ「アラベラ」の開発に着手 インド北部ハリヤナ州

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インドの高級住宅地で急成長している不動産開発企業、Tata Housing Development Companyは第4期アラベラ(Arabella)事業に着手、デリー首都圏地域(NCR)の高級地における存在感を強化した。戦略的なソーナ-ハリヤナ幹線道の至近にあるアラベラはアラバリ丘陵からヒントを得て、豊かな緑の環境の延長という審美的観点から設計された。

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有名な米建築事務所Perkins Eastmanが設計したアラベラは約35エーカーにわたって建設され、グルガオン-ソーナ道の中心部に3、4、5BHK(寝室、居間、台所)のビラを提供する。アラバリ丘陵とその光景をテーマに設計されたアラベラは約150の類型的な邸宅を擁するビラの開発である。サイトの立地と邸宅の配置は裏庭を通じて中央の緑の広場につながっているか内側に向いており、伝統的な中庭の設計を採用している。専用エレベーター、屋外プール、屋上の娯楽庭園、太陽熱温水暖房、業務用マルチ型(VRV)エアコンがインドの羨望の的「アーバンエリート」の日常生活の一端を彩る。

この事業着手にあたり、Tata Housingのスポークスパーソンは「過去10年、超高級住宅の需要が大幅に増大した。一般にアーバンエリートとして知られ、平等主義的な社会変革を形成した新たな富裕消費者層向けの広大なリビングスペース、極めて洗練された設計と仕様が施された住宅である。アラベラでTata Housingはこれらの消費者に夢の邸宅を所有し、アラバリ丘陵の魅力的な景色を体験する絶好の機会を提供している」と語った。






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Tata Housing Expands its Presence in NCR Luxury Space


DELHI, India, July 16, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ —

~ Announces first of its kind gated community Villa development at Sohna Road ~

Tata Housing Development Company, India’s fastest growing real estate developer
in the luxury space strengthened its presence in the high-end luxury segment in
NCR by launching its 4th project Arabella. Strategically located immediately
off the Sohna Haryana Highway, Arabella is inspired by the Aravallis and has
been aesthetically designed as an extension to the lush green surroundings.

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140716/697211-a )
(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140716/697211-b )

Designed by renowned architects Perkins Eastman, USA., Arabella is built across
approximately 35 Acres and offers 3, 4 and 5 BHK villas right in the heart of
Gurgaon – Sohna Road. Designed with the theme of Aravalli ridge and view of the
ridges, Arabella is a Villa development with around 150 villas of typologies.
The location and orientation of villas on the site integrates with the central
open green spaces via the backyard or is inward looking; adapted to the
traditional design of courtyards. The private lifts, outdoor pools, roof top
landscaped entertainment areas, solar hot water heating, VRV air-conditioning,
form a part of the everyday lifestyle of India’s aspirational Urban Elites.

Commenting on the launch of this project, Tata Housing spokesperson said: "The
last decade has witnessed a substantial increase in demand for super-luxury
residences which have expansive living spaces and extremely sophisticated
design and specifications by the new class of wealthy consumers, popularly
known as Urban Elites, who have formed an egalitarian social change. With
Arabella, Tata Housing is giving a golden opportunity to their consumers to own
their dream villas and experience the mesmerizing views of Aravalli Hills.

Tata Housing Spokesperson further adde: "This will be a one of a kind
development at Sohna road offering a different proposition for the new age
luxury seekers."

As the project is inspired by Aravallis, every little detail has been given
utmost importance. The project also accommodates a natural lake, a rock garden
and a neighbourhood farm, which helps the residents make a direct connection
with the natural surroundings.

The development is located immediately off the Sohna Haryana Highway and is
well nestled between lush greens farmlands on 3 sides and a dense green buffer
planned along the entire highway. The site has beautiful distant panoramic
views of the Aravallis and the masterplan has been sensitively designed as an
extension to the lush green surroundings of this unique geographical setting.


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