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Gunosy Starts News App in U.S.

TOKYO, May 16 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Gunosy Inc.

Gunosy Starts News App in U.S.

– Followed by Its Release in U.K., Gunosy Genuinely Begins Its Expansion in English-speaking Countries; Automatically Delivers Information Selected from More Than 3,000 News Sources –

Gunosy Inc. announced on May 16 that it has released its information delivery application, Gunosy application for iOS devices in the United States. Gunosy expects to release an Android version of its U.S. application in the end of May.

Summary of Gunosy’s Expansion of U.S. Edition App
– Service name:Gunosy
– Platform:iOS/Android application
– Start date:May 13, 2014 for the iOS application
Scheduled for the end of May for the Android application
– Market:United States
– Growth target:80 million application installations outside of Japan and a total of 100 million installations worldwide within the next three years
– Download URL:

About Gunosy’s Expansion of U.S. Edition App
With the goal of delivering a new information experience to smartphone users overseas, providing them with "just the right information at just the right time", Gunosy has started distributing information based on more than 500 news sources to users in the United Kingdom, where Gunosy launched its service on April 22, 2014. Through its overseas expansion, Gunosy seeks to create a role for itself as a news app providing a key portion of the global information infrastructure.

About the Gunosy News App
Gunosy is a digital news delivery application with over three million total installations to date. With over 80 media partners participating in its news "channels," Gunosy provides users with a curated selection of the latest news over the Internet. Gunosy collects, curates and provides the latest hot news stories through preexisting categories, or "category news," as well as user-specific "my news" results, which consist of individualized news items tailored to each specific user based on an analysis of that user’s likes and interests.

About Gunosy Inc.
In a society where the quantity of available information is constantly increasing, Gunosy Inc.’s mission is to bring the right information to the right people. By providing people with the right information, Gunosy is working toward a society where everyone can get the information they want, stress-free, and enjoy the information content that’s just right for them.
Company name:Gunosy Inc.
Address:NBF Shiba-Koen Bldg., 7th Floor, 3-2-18 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representatives:Shinji Kimura
(Co-Representative Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer)
Yoshinori Fukushima
(Co-Representative Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer)
Establishment date:November 14, 2012
Business:Operation and development of the Gunosy news application

Source: Gunosy Inc.


名称 株式会社Gunosy
所在地 東京都
業種 情報サービス・コンテンツ


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