Zuken to Release Free Converter to Convert Printed Circuit Board Data into Ultra-lightweight 3D Data

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Mar. 3 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Zuken Inc.

Zuken to Release Free Converter to Convert Printed Circuit Board Data into Ultra-lightweight 3D Data for Overseas Users

– Promotion of Use of 3D Data in Electronics Supply Chain –

Zuken Inc. ("Zuken"), a leading supplier of printed circuit board design solutions, has released a free converter to convert from "ODB++," a format widely circulated in the field of printed circuit boards (PCBs), to an ultra-lightweight 3D format "XVL(*1)." This converter has been provided domestically in Japan since December 2013.

"ODB++," widely used throughout the world as a format for manufacturing PCBs, is a highly versatile format compatible with the output of virtually all major PCB CAD for corporate users. Through the use of the free converter, electronics manufacturers will be able to create an efficient and collaborative design and manufacturing supply chain that takes advantage of the various merits of 3D data regardless of the type of CAD used by themselves and their partners/customers. By converting the PCB data into the ultra-lightweight "XVL" format, the PCB data will be utilized not only to perform intuitive visual design review in 3D via a free viewer, but also in applications such as more advanced electrical verification that are only possible in 3D, using a variety of XVL applications including XVL Studio Z(*2) provided by Zuken and Lattice Technology, the developer of XVL. Furthermore, as the 3D electronic parts model can be downloaded for free at Zuken’s "ePartFinder"(*3) website, it will be possible to create 3D PCB data incorporating the shape of detailed electronic parts as necessary without using 3D mechanical CAD.

In the field of electronic product development and manufacturing, where collaboration with domestic and overseas supply chain partners is commonplace, an engineering platform that can reduce Time to Market while maintaining high quality must be constructed. Zuken is, by providing "ODB++XVL converter," contributing to a more flexible and sophisticated supply chain for electronics manufacturers.

Details on the free ODB++VXVL converter and its download can be obtained from the following site.

*1: XVL is an ultra-lightweight 3D format developed by Lattice Technology.
See below for details on Lattice Technology.
*2: See below for details on XVL Studio Z.
*3: Access the following dedicated site for ePartFinder.

Source: Zuken Inc.