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Casio Releases iOS Apps That Let Users Play Musical Accompaniment to Their Favorite Songs

TOKYO, Oct. 31 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Casio Releases iOS Apps That Let Users Play Musical Accompaniment to Their Favorite Songs

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced on October 31 that it has developed two iOS apps — Chordana Tap and Chordana Viewer — that let users play musical accompaniment to their favorite songs. The apps are available on the Apple App Store now.

Employing Casio’s proprietary Chordana music analysis technology, the apps can detect musical chord progressions by analyzing the frequency characteristics and temporal changes of an audio file. Users can then play along as an accompanist when playing back songs stored in iOS devices.

Chordana Tap lets users virtually experience playing music simply by tapping:

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-By tapping a virtual instrument on the screen along with a musical accompaniment guide, users can play the chord progression of a song. Four virtual instrument sounds are available to choose from. A rhythm to match the song can also be selected.

-The app guides the user through the song using a variety of color-coded chords. The system was designed under the supervision of Dr. Noriko Nagata of the Department of Human System Interaction, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University.

-The app is equipped with a function for evaluating the results of the performed accompaniment according to five musical styles: pop, rock, Latin, dance, and jazz.

Chordana Viewer helps with creating chord charts to suit the performer:

Fee-based app US$9.99

-The app automatically detects chord progressions and displays them on the screen as a chord chart. Chord charts can also be modified and saved. If the user wishes to change the musical key, the chords also change automatically, allowing easy production of chord charts to suit the performer.

-Places to press piano keyboards and guitar strings are shown on the screen. Users can feel the sensation of using their own musical instrument and playing along with their favorite musicians by looking at the screen and playing to the song.

-Users can choose from four virtual instrument sounds to accompany music, and even record a performance. MIDI-compatible musical instruments can also be connected. The balance between vocals and accompaniment can be adjusted during playback — a useful function for learning to play by ear.

Source: Casio Computer Co., Ltd