NTT Resonant Inc.

NTT Resonant Launches Cloud-based Handset Verification Service Featuring World’s Fastest Image Trans

TOKYO, July 29 /Kyodo JBN —

NTT Resonant Inc.

NTT Resonant Launches Cloud-based Handset Verification Service Featuring World’s Fastest Image Transfer for Global Android App Developers

– US Dollar Payments Now Accepted; Half-price Campaign until September 1 –

NTT Resonant Inc., a leading portal business operator and Internet services provider, announced on July 29 that its "Developers AppKitBox — Remote TestKit" (Remote TestKit) cloud-based smartphone verification service featuring the world’s fastest image transfer is now available to Android application developers worldwide and accepts U.S. dollar payments via PayPal. As a special introductory offer, the service is available at half price until September 1.

Remote TestKit’s unprecedented high-speed image transfer, the world’s fastest according to internal research, mimics PC keypad entry in a quasi-real time format. The service offers 133 global handset models (161 units), including a large selection of models marketed only in Japan.

Remote TestKit, which is hugely popular in Japan, allows developers to operate Android handsets directly via the cloud for convenient verification testing. With no need to set up or manage handsets, developers can efficiently execute test applications and websites using their own client software. From the Remote TestKit top page (http://appkitbox.com/en/testkit), the developer simply downloads the dedicated software, logs in, selects the desired handset from a list and begins testing.

Various tools and the Virtual Android Debug Bridge (ADB) enable seamless linkage, sparing developers the time and energy required to analyze current verification flows and service-specific verification methodologies. Many handsets are available in multiple quantities, eliminating the cost of purchasing, maintaining and managing actual handsets, as well as environment development costs. Free trial usage of up to 2.5 hours is provided.

"We are excited to extend our proven service to app developers around the world," said Masahiro Wakai, president of NTT Resonant. "We will continue to add handset models and upgrade the functionality of Remote TestKit for the further convenience of Android app developers everywhere. Going forward, NTT Resonant will continue to exceed customer expectations for discovery through easy access to Internet services and diverse information."

About NTT Resonant
NTT Resonant Inc., operator of the "goo" Japanese web portal, is a leading provider of some 60 Internet services, including web searches integrated with proprietary services, search engines tailored for mobile devices, images, blogs, etc., SaaS groupware, an online store and numerous categories of online information. NTT Resonant is a member of the NTT Group, which is headed by NTT Corporation, the world’s largest telecommunication company with over 750 subsidiaries and 100 affiliates (listings on New York, London and Tokyo stock exchanges). For further information, please visit http://www.nttr.co.jp/english/


Key Features
-Remote access: Testing right from your desk.
-Cost-saving rentals: Debug specific models by renting only what you need.
-Accurate verification: Use of actual devices is superior to emulators.
-Easy integration: As simple as plug-and-play, including easy integration with Eclipse, etc.
-Testing tools: Enable seamless, native-like connection and automated testing.
-Debugging output: Screenshots, screen capture and log capture are all possible.
-Rigorous security: Devices are reset after every use, so all data is deleted.

Key Functions
-Integrate with Android development environment (adb shell/DDMS/Eclipse IDE)
-Test any application installed on Android
-Install via APK file with batch deletion of applications
-Input via keyboard
-Flick actions and other screen input via mouse
-Screenshot and screen capture
-Screen rotation and automatic sync
-Change window size and transmission quality (prioritize speed or quality)
-Seamless integration with existing testing tools using WebDriver

Screen Capture Features
-Screen capture: Proprietary
-Screen update: 15 times/second (stable connection of 5 Mbps or greater)
-Screen resolution: Actual size
-Screen retrieval: Surfaceflinger
-Screen transfer: Proprietary
-Key input: Proprietary
-Key input delay: Real time

Costs and Half-off Campaign
Remote TestKit is available at half price to users paying in U.S. dollars until midnight on Sunday, September 1, PDT. All normal menu items are available.

Plan                            Standard Cost                  Campaign Cost
Entry                           10 USD/1 hour                  5 USD/1 hour
Pro 10                         100 USD/10 hours             50 USD/10 hours
Pro 50                         450 USD/50 hours             225 USD/50 hours
Pro 100                       830 USD/100 hours           415 USD/100 hours

Source: NTT Resonant Inc.