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Link Kit, Inc. Launches “Samurai Defender”: Casual Action Strategy Game for iPhone & Android

TOKYO, June 4 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ —

Link Kit, Inc.

Link Kit, Inc. Launches "Samurai Defender": Casual Action Strategy Game for iPhone & Android

– Long-awaited, First Entry into Smartphone App Market with Own Brand –

Link Kit, Inc., a mobile game developer in Japan, announced on June 4 that its
"Samurai Defender" game for iPhone and Android is now available globally for download through the iTunes Store and Google Play.

"Samurai Defender" is a defense-type action strategy game. The player becomes a
soldier to protect a castle from enemy attacks and to repel them. Everyone from
kids to adults will enjoy the game with a simple operation and stress-free play
style, while employing highly strategic maneuvers.

Promotion movie: http://youtu.be/yAr0SINK-w4

* Easy & fun battle system *
Touch an enemy soldier and arrows are automatically shot at him continuously.
As enemy soldiers move toward the city gate seeking to break it, you try to
repel them before the gate is broken.

* Let’s master "Scheme" *
"Scheme" includes "Backup" to attack enemies, and "Princess" attack power is
increased by cheers. Through the strategic use of these plots, you can continue
to fight off many enemies.

* Story *
Once upon a time there was a impregnable castle. The castle, an important base
for national unification, had been targeted by various warlords. The castle is
about to be attacked again today. Can you defend the castle yourself?

* Point of interest *
The player who leads the army of this castle will enjoy the game of defending
the castle by your own strategic approach.

* Product details *
Pricing: Free (You have to pay for the items appearing in the game.)
Platform: iOS & Android
Genre: Action Strategy
Website: http://www.linkkit.co.jp/td/en/samurai.htm
Language: English, Japanese
App Store URL:
Google Play URL:

* Copyright Information *
SAMURAI DEFENDER: (C) 2013 Link Kit, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About Link Kit, Inc.
Link Kit, Inc. (www.linkkit.co.jp/en/) is a mobile indie game developer in
Japan. Based in Tokyo, Link Kit was founded in 2011. It creates and manages
games for cell phones used widely throughout the country. Its Representative
Director is Keiji Takeuchi.

Source: Link Kit, Inc.