Scenes from last fiscal year's events: Midosuji Festa


Making of Mido line turnout space executive committee

Invitation to “Minna de Kappo! Midosuji Festa 2013”

OSAKA, Japan, Apr. 25 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Midosuji Nigiwai-kukan-zukuri Executive Committee/
Midosuji Kappo Executive Committee

Invitation to "Minna de Kappo!  Midosuji Festa 2013" — Simultaneously Holding "Midosuji Festa" & "Mido-suji Kappo"

The executive committees of Midosuji Nigiwai-kukan-zukuri (Let’s make Midosuji avenue bustle with people) and Midosuji Kappo (Let’s walk along Midosuji) announced on April 25 will hold "Minna de Kappo! (Let’s Walk, Everybody!) Midosuji Festa 2013" on May 12, 2013 (Sunday).

"Midosuji Festa" and "Midosuji Kappo," which were previously held separately, one in spring and the other in autumn, will be held simultaneously this year to attract more people. Midosuji, Osaka’s main street, will be open exclusively for pedestrians on this day. The "Festa" will offer numerous events so visitors will be able to enjoy the charm of Osaka’s Minami district, while "Kappo" will offer a music stage and other programs visitors can experience.

–Time: May 12, 2013 (Sunday), 13:00-17:00
*Opening ceremony from 13:00
*Rain or shine, but some events may be canceled if it rains. All events to be canceled in rough weather.
–Venue: From Kyutaro-machi 3 intersection to Namba Nishiguchi intersection, Midosuji (approx. 1.9km.)
*Joint opening ceremony
Time: From13:00
Venue: On the north side of Unagidani intersection (In front of Kansai Urban Bank)
*Opening parade
Time: From 13:25
Venue: From Unagidani intersection to Namba intersection, Mido-suji
Participants (scheduled): Osaka Prefecture Governor Ichiro Matsui (President, Midosuji Kappo Executive Committee), Osaka City Mayor Toru Hashimoto (President, Midosuji Nigiwai-kukan-zukuri Executive Committee) and others
*"Mido-suji Festa" and "Mido-suji Kappo"
  For details, see the attached "Outline of events to be held simultaneously."
–Organizers: Midosuji Nigiwai-kukan-zukuri Executive Committee for "Midosuji Festa" and Midosuji Kappo Executive Committee for "Midosuji Kappo." Both executive committees include the governments of Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City; Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Kansai Association of Corporate Executives; Kansai Economic Federation; and Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

–Contact for general public:
Midosuji Festa: Osaka City Call Center (+81-6-4301-7285/08:00-22:00)
Midosuji Kappo: Midosuji Kappo Executive Committee Secretariat (+81-6-6210-9304/ Weekdays: 09:00-18:00/May 12 only: +81-6-6281-5061)


名称 御堂筋にぎわい空間づくり実行委員会
所在地 大阪府
業種 各種団体


  • Scenes from last fiscal year's events: Midosuji Festa
  • Scenes from last fiscal year's events: Midosuji Kappo
  • Scenes from last fiscal year's events: Midosuji Festa Scenes from last fiscal year's events: Midosuji Kappo