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“TOWER RECORDOMMUNE SHIBUYA” Announces Its Special Opening Program!

TOKYO, Nov. 16 /Kyodo JBN/

Tower Records Japan Inc.

"TOWER RECORDOMMUNE SHIBUYA" Announces Its Special Opening Program!

– Live Stream Broadcast of World-First Performance of "Symphony Ihatov": Sensational Collaborative Work of Isao Tomita and Miku Hatsune –

Tower Records Japan Inc. and DOMMUNE ELE-KING MOM/D/DAD PROCUCTIONS Co., LTD.  proudly announced on November 16 that under their business alliance deal, a new cultural platform,  "TOWER RECORDOMMUNE SHIBUYA" (hereinafter referred to as "TRDS"), will launch on Friday, November 23 (national holiday), enabling the stream broadcast of original programs and/or information on "SHIBUYA" pop culture, from the well-known Tower Records’ flagship store in Shibuya.

To celebrate the launch of this new form media, TRDS will be broadcasting live from 15:15 on Friday, November 23, 2012, the very day of the launch, the world first performance of "Billboard Classics presents Symphony Ihatov," the heart-and-soul masterpiece of the worldwide known composer and synthesizer guru, Isao Tomita. A talk show with the appearance of the artist himself is also scheduled to be broadcast from 21:00 the same day.

Tomita who enters his eighties this year leads a full orchestra, "Japan Philharmonic Orchestra" and a choir, bringing on a spectacular musical experience with this "Symphony Ihatov," portraying the utopia that the well-known author, Kenji Miyazawa, so famously dreamt of. Added to this, the joining of the topical virtual singer, Miku Hatsune, as a soloist has drawn enough public attention to cause a stir on and off line globally, resulting in instant sold-outs of tickets of the performances.

Following the live streaming broadcast from TRDS of this historical performance, also scheduled is the live stream broadcast of the talk show "Perspective of Symphony Ihatov – Isao Tomita & Kenji Miyazawa & Miku Hatsune." The show will be broadcast from 21:00 the same day, delivered from TOWER RECORODOMMUNE SHIBUYA STUDIO, the new studio opening at the basement of Tower Records’ Shibuya store.

Appearances will be made by Tomita himself, joined by Hiroyuki Ito, the president of Crypton Future Media that produced Miku Hatsune, as well as Motokazu Shinoda, the synthesizer artist who will be performing on the stage, and the team will be looking back on their just-finished first performance, eventually progressing their talks to dig deeper into the whole picture of the masterpiece symphony.

11.23 TOWER RECORODOMMUNE SHIBUYA Special Opening Program
– around 15:15- ISAO TOMITA  feat. HATSUNE MIKU
Live stream broadcast of world first performance of "Symphony Ihatov" by Isao Tomita!!
feat. Miku Hatsune
Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Live stream provided by TOWER RECORDOMMUNE SHIBUYA

– Outline –
Live stream of "Symphony Ihatov", the latest work of world-class composer, Isao Tomita, performed at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Conducted by also globally famous Naoto Ootomo, leading a full scale  orchestra and choir of 300 musicians, and joined live by Miku Hatsune.
To be delivered live as the Special Opening Program celebrating the start of TOWER RECORDOMMUNE SHIBUYA that officially launches on the day of the performance.

– 21:00-22:30 "Perspective of SYMPHONY IHATOV  TOMITA x Miyazawa Kenji x Miku Hatsune"
Appearances by: Isao Tomita (Composer), Hiroyuki Ito (Representative Director at Crypton Future Media), Motokazu Shinoda (Synthesizer Artist), Toshimi Yotsumoto (Writer)
Moderator: Shinya Matsuyama

– Outline –
From 21:00 the same day, a talk show will be hosted inviting Isao Tomita who has just completed his first performance of his masterpiece with Miku Hatsune and Mr. Ito from Crypton, navigating and encouraging them to dig deeper into the whole picture of "Symphony Ihatov"!

Isao Tomita (Composer, Synthesizer/ Electronic Musician)
Born in Tokyo in 1932. Tomita first became active as a composer in a variety of fields while still a student at Keio University. In 1974, he released his synthesizer composition "Snowflakes are Dancing," which reached number one on the Billboard Magazine, and Tomita became the first Japanese to be nominated for Grammy Awards in four categories. After this, the albums he consecutively put out became phenomenal hits all over the world. He has composed music for NHK period dramas, as well as for many films directed by Yamada Yoji. His theme music for television programs such as "Voyage Through the New Japan," "Our Blue Planet," etc. are also widely known, and he has composed a countless number of classic works for film, anime, and commercials.. Moreover, he garnered much attention with his production of the theme music for the symbolic monument "Aquasphere" in Tokyo Disney Sea utilizing a three-dimensional surround sound system. In 2011 Tomita launched the Isao Tomita Project,, releasing remastered and surround-effect enhanced editions of past works, including the "Planets," "Clair de Lune," "The Tale of Genji," which are continuously being released from Nippon Columbia. In January of this year, he received the 2011 Asahi Prize for his achievements as an internationally renowned composer and acoustic creator. This coming November, the much-anticipated "Symphony Ihatov", derived from the works of Japan’s eminent author Miyazawa Kenji, and employing internationally acclaimed "Miku Hatsune" computer music software as a soloist, will make its first world appearance.
This public performance is already gathering remarkable attention globally. The first performance of "Symphony Ihatov" will be live recorded and released worldwide from Nippon Columbia on January 23rd, 2013.
Now Tomita has turned 80, and yet his future work and contributions to the world of music are expected to receive even more attention and acclaim.

"Symphony Ihatov" Columbia Official Website  http://columbia.jp/ihatov/
Isao Tomita OFFICIAL FACEBOOK  http://www.facebook.com/officialcolumbiaIsaoTomita

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