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TOYOTA X STUDIO4C’s “PES (Peace Eco Smile)” Arrives in Europe!

TOKYO, Oct. 29 /Kyodo JBN/ —

Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing Corporation (TMSM)

TOYOTA X STUDIO4C’s "PES (Peace Eco Smile)" Arrives in Europe!

– Japan Expo Belgium with Unique Japanese Sensibilities, Aesthetic and Attractive Japanimation –

Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing Corporation (TMSM) will be participating in Japan Expo Belgium (http://www.japan-expo.be/), to be held for the second time in Brussels from November 2 to 4. TMSM will present a booth that features the animation "PES (Peace Eco Smile)", a story about Pes, an extraterrestrial being who comes to discover the value of Earth and the joy of mobility through his unique alien perspectives. (http://www.toytoyota.com/pes/en/).

Brussels is a central city in Europe integrating diverse sets of political, economic and cultural values. Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is also based in the Belgian capital. Through this exhibition, TOYOTA will transmit the incredible spirit of Japan, and the new values and unique creativity of a Japanese corporation which is also fully global.

PES will now arrive for the first time in Europe. At Japan Expo, the presentation will be a wonderland fusing the real with the virtual. Exhibited features include all the episodes of PES and displays of related merchandise, NaSuBi Throwing Game, and also a trailer played on the main Japan Expo stage.

Collaborating with Discover Japan, the magazine promoting Japanese culture (http://www.sideriver.com/discoverjapan/), our booth will also introduce the intrinsic charms of Japanese culture. Among the diverse exhibits visually conveying Japanese culture’s innate values and allures to their fullest extent, there will also be original tumblers (created by Loufas Life Design Systems), born out of design concepts of regeneration and chance encounters.

ToyToyota Project: PES Concept:
Human evolution is represented by the history of mobility. Cars bring our mobility to life, but yet too often, everyone talks about complicated technological aspects of automobiles rather than just the sheer joy of mobility. TOYOTA has found "TOY" as the origin of lively and cheerful joy from its corporate name. TOYOTA and STUDIO4C, one of the leading Japanese animation studios, have together created an animation series, PES, that follows a curious alien exploring the joy of driving and the importance of safety as one of the ToyToyota projects aimed at spreading the joy of mobility.

Source: TMSM