SECRET OF MANA for iPhone (R) / iPod touch (R) Now Available in Traditional / Simplified Chinese!

SECRET OF MANA for iPhone (R) / iPod touch (R) Now Available in Traditional / Simplified Chinese!


Square Enix, Ltd. has updated the iPhone (R) / iPod touch (R) version of SECRET OF MANA currently under distribution with the addition of versions in traditional and simplified Chinese.

SECRET OF MANA for the iPhone(R) / iPod touch (R) went on sale in December 2010 and has enjoyed considerable worldwide acclaim. By adding traditional and simplified Chinese-language versions to the current Japanese, English and French versions, Square Enix hopes to expand the enjoyment of this game to an even larger audience worldwide. Buy your own copy today!

About SECRET OF MANA for iPhone (R) / iPod touch (R)
Originally released in Japan in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R), SECRET OF MANA received overwhelming praise for its real-time battle system, which combines action and commands, and its gorgeously rendered world. SECRET OF MANA has been available for the iPhone (R) and iPod touch (R) since December 2010. In the iPhone (R) / iPod touch (R) version of SECRET OF MANA, the original creators have succeeded in realizing a simple control scheme that utilizes the touch screen, making it possible for users to play the action-packed "Motion Battle" smoothly. SECRET OF MANA established the world and the marvelous tales of the MANA series. Additionally, users will be able to intuitively control the "Ring Command" menu system, which was first introduced in SECRET OF MANA and has since appeared frequently in the series. Enjoy the Mystical Mana Tree, the epic story and worldview, and other elements that have made this game such a phenomenon.

[Product Overview]
Product name:    SECRET OF MANA
Platform:        iPhone (R) /iPod touch (R)
Genre:           RPG
Release date:    December 21, 2010
RRP:             $8.99, to be made available worldwide via App Store (TM)
Website:         http://dlgames.square-enix.com/som/
Copyrights:      (C) 1993, 2010 SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved.
Play as Randi and his two companions Primm and Popoi as they explore various fields and advance the epic story, centered on the mystical power of Mana. Battle the empire in its quest to control the power of Mana and meet sprites who wield the forces of nature itself. Let the drama unfold!

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