MY SONG CO. to Podcast Love Song with Hope to See Korean Woman, Written through Grassroots Activities


MY SONG CO., LTD. announced on June 12 that a love song will be streamed from major music distribution websites in Korea and Japan on and after June 13. The love song was written by a Japanese man, Take, who received kind cooperation from students from Korea, Korean-language teachers and many residents who live in Tokyo's Shin-Okubo area.

Take enthusiastically wrote the lyrics and sings the love song. Last July, he saw a Korean woman in Tokyo, but she suddenly left for Korea before they exchanged their contact information. Being unable to get her out of his mind, Take thought and determined, "Music has no borders. I want to see her again by streaming a love song for her from websites."

Impressed by his passion, the students from Korea, Korean-language teachers and residents who live in Shin-Okubo cooperated with him for lyrics translation, singing training, streaming arrangements, etc. Originating from Take, a bare amateur singer, the "grassroots" music activities by the common people spread out to finally achieve the unusual -- streaming the love song from music distribution websites in Korea.

Take says as follows:
"I have no confidence in singing and speaking Korean. However, I am filled with a desire to see her again. For the people who cooperated with me, I wish that as many Korean people as possible would listen to my song, and that she would know the song."

The long way to complete the song is a non-fiction drama of Korea-Japan music exchanges in which people of the two countries communicate with each other through music.

President: Masatoshi Aoki
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